A mom. Engineer. MM Romance author. Avid reader of many genres. 

I love romance with an edge: a bit twisted, a bit unhealthy and messed up. 

I love that push-pull of two characters who drive each other crazy and yet are totally perfect for each other. I love mild D/s undertones, hate-to-love relationships, and the friends-to-lovers trope. I also have a bit of a weakness for the good old Alpha Male, stern, strong-willed and tough, but who will turn into a lump of sugar for the man he loves. I’m a sap, I know.

I’m not on any social networking sites, because I know that time would get away from me (I have a very short attention span, and I’m afraid I will never get any writing done if I had a Twitter or Facebook account).  But you can contact me by filling out the web form below or email me at author@alessandrahazard.com. I love talking to readers and would love to hear from you.